Noel Darcy Vernon Cheer

  • Citizen of New Zealand
  • Born 3 November 3, 1941
  • Highest tertiary qualification: B.A (Religious Studies)
  • email address
  • First Wife, Robyn (died 28 June 1998).
    • daughter Joanne
      • granddaughter Olivia,
      • granddaughter Lucy,
    • son Christopher,
      • granddaughter Ruby,
      • granddaughter Josephine,
      • granddaughter Daisy,
    • daughter Fran (who has taken the surname 'Haigh').
  • Second Wife, Shirley Dixon (nee Hansen) married 21 October 2006

Noel Cheer was employed by IBM New Zealand for 36 years and retired in 1997.

Early in his career he took an interest in public speaking which paved the way for involvement in the spoken media. From the 1980s onwards Noel took part in radio activities: Wellington Access Radio; the ZB phone-in comment programme "For Crying Out Loud" and National Radio's "Morning Comment" and "Sunday Supplement". Noel also hosted a panel discussion series on National Radio under the title "Conundrum".

In 1999, after retirement, Noel accepted an invitation from Wellington Television to host a weekly live current affairs panel discussion, initially called "Spit The Dummy" and later changed to "Capital Talk". Noel chaired panel discussions among members of Parliament (he met over 40, many several times) but also conducted hour-long one-on-one interviews with the leaders of all seven political parties. He made over 100 episodes, the programme ending with the closure of the station due to funding difficulties.

Noel currently hosts "In Conversation With Noel Cheer" on Triangle Television. Full details can be seen here. "In Conversation" is a one-on-one interview programme in which the views and opinions of the guest are paramount. Guests are chosen because it is expected that what they have to say will interest an audience that is already well-informed and interested in our society. The programme is deliberately courteous and non-confrontational, experience showing that truth is more easily coaxed from an interviewee by gentle probing than by bullying. By the end of 2011 Noel had made over 200 "Conversations".

Early is his adult life, Noel took an interest in the changes that were taking place in the expression of religion — especially Christianity. He has followed developments with interest and now rates among those who have inspired him by clarifying the options, Lloyd Geering, Don Cupitt, John Spong and Karen Armstrong. There are also many others. He keenly follows the debates that flair up from time to time with, on one end of the spectrum, conservative Christians, and at the other, atheists. Noel positions himself as a 'post-Christian-religious-humanist'. But everyone has to be somewhere, don't we? He is a life member and Newsletter editor of the Sea of Faith Network (NZ)

Noel has three adult children and five splendid granddaughters. Some years after losing his wife to cancer Noel married Shirley Dixon, herself a widow to cancer, who has two children and four delightful grandchildren. Life becomes very full during school holidays.

Noel and Shirley live in Titahi Bay, a suburb of Porirua, near Wellington.

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